HELLO WORLD!!!  This is my very first blog. Let's start with taking stock to briefly introduce me to all of you😍 Name: Uniter Faith Starting: My Outreachy Internship (This week I began my Outreachy internship working on the All Clients deserve a chance project with Ceph) Making:  A lot of life changing decisions Feeling: Blessed and anxious ( this journey is a gateway to more opportunities wondering if I am truly ready) Core values: Perseverance, Boldness and self- respect. I love to think of my core values as the PB Sandwich of my life.  Perseverance : No matter how difficult a situation feels and looks there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Learning to do it differently; dance in the rain,and working through it makes me much stronger.    To always know that I am bold. Every task I want to achieve is on the other side fear and the only limit to achieving anything is the lack of belief in myself. To trust my own instincts. We are all different and my progress is differ